CEDRON hails from a dying city in northern Sweden. The four-piece are young, but still have had the chance to tour Sweden with some of it's more renowned hardcore bands as well as played the country's largest metal festival.

WATCHING THE SUN TURN PITCH BLACK, the bands debut EP, revolves around the theme of consumption, decay and ignorance. In six songs CEDRON takes the listener through childhood friendship, romantic uncertainty and political aggression, all whilst playing metal riffs in the vein of Bring Me The Horizon with the intensity from Refused.

The band will embark on new tours to support their fresh EP, the first one in the spring along with fellow swedes Yersinia. Make sure you catch these guys live; as the songs promises, it is impossible to stand still hearing tunes like 'Rumours' and 'Still Growing' in a crowded room.

CEDRON is a cry for those without voice, life in a dying genre, and a legacy in the making. SLITVARG are proud to present them to a wider audience, and we are very excited to see where 2012 might take them.


6 track EP
Released 7th of May 2012
Physical CD and Digital Release

* Musicvideo for the song "RUMOURS".
* Musicvideo for the song "HOME".

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